Bring video into your social media family

screenshot of Hootsuite YouTube integration campaign

My role: UX/UI Designer
Main contributions to this project: I was responsible for designing this campaign’s webpages.

Problems we were trying to solve

Hootsuite had a new integration with YouTube and wanted to let everybody know about it.

The proposed solution

To get the word out the Hootsuite Brand team created a campaign based on the concept “Bring video into your social media family”.


I Discovery Phase

One of the challenges of this project was to reuse components that existed on the other pages of our website. This webpage needed to stand out from our other pages since this was a major release. Our solution for this challenge was to work with new approaches to imagery in order to differentiate this page from the others we already had in place.

II Planning Phase: UX

Mapping the user journey was an important first step to have a clear idea of the path the users would take to interact with the pages.

screenshot of wireframes

From this process we realized that the campaign’s main picture should be on the  landing page only. After that there wouldn’t be a need to show the campaign’s feeling through imagery since the deeper pages were more technical and informative. Having the pictures on those pages would be very repetitive and it was important to distinguish the technical pages from each other.

III Delivery Phase: UI and engineer implementation

We used a background texture on the technical pages hero section, since the focus of them was the messaging regarding the new features.

For this texture we were inspired by the elements of each platform: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We went to each individual page and got some ideas of symbols that could represent each one of them.

screenshot of hero section of each page

In the technical pages, it was important to make the content as clear as possible, easy to digest. That is why we went for a close up of screenshots: the goal was to really reinforce the benefits the copy was talking about, giving a clean and modern look to the page. I worked closely with engineers, doing the design QA myself to make sure the launched version was as close as possible to the mockups.

screenshot of a detail of the page, showing the product feature


The campaign got a good reach, with the campaign video reaching 12.3K views.

screenshot of 2 pages of the campaign