I have experience in contributing to and evolving design systems, having worked on projects at Mozilla Foundation and Pocket. Additionally, I have expertise in establishing design systems in Figma using variables, as showcased in my contributions to Pocket and Mozilla Social.

The Pocket design system was created by multiple designers over time and lagged behind the latest updates introduced by Figma. For this reason, maintaining that design system was challenging. Recognizing the need for improvement, I proactively modernized it by leveraging Figma’s variables feature. The goal was to elevate the system from a simple copy/paste resource to a dynamic and easily maintainable framework, bringing consistency to design.

Pocket’s design system: contribution from many designers over time
Figma variables in Pocket’s design system: semantic tokens.
Example of components I set up for Pocket as part of the Design System modernization project

During my work at Mozilla Social, I took the lead in establishing their Android design system by also utilizing variables. This initial effort served as the foundation for a more robust system, providing a scalable framework that multiple designers used and improved on as the team expanded.

Foundational components for Mozilla Social