Designing with AI in mind

My role: Product Designer Lead (Mozilla: Pocket team).
Main contributions to this project: desk research, UX, UI, prototyping in Figma, stakeholder management and high-level thinking.

* Note: due to confidentiality, I am only detailing the high level process of this project and I won’t be showing any images/prototypes of the actual project.

Problem statement

How might we envision a future for Pocket in the context of AI? That was the question the Pocket team proposed to me, together with a concept of the vision.

I built on top of the concept presented by the team, from researching AI patterns that would fit into Pocket’s and Mozilla’s values to wireframing the idea and producing a high-fidelity mockup, thinking about monetization and embedding existing features already offered by Pocket.


I started this project by doing a desk research on AI patterns and highlighting the ones that would fit into Pocket’s and Mozilla’s values. People + AI research by Google was an excellent source of information for this work. From there I moved to wireframes.

Screenshots from People + AI research patterns with my annotations on relevant patters for this project

During the wireframe process, I recorded walkthrough videos and asked for feedback, involving the Pocket team in early stages and considering their perspectives as we advanced towards high-fidelity prototypes.

I then moved ahead with high-fidelity prototypes and did a presentation in which QR codes could be scanned so people could experience the ideas on their phone.

This project seamlessly blended AI innovation with Pocket’s and Mozilla’s values, presenting a vision that got the project leaders inspired and excited for the future of the product.