A proposal inspired by the “choose your own adventure” model

screenshot of homepage proposal
Homepage proposal

My role: UX/UI Designer

Problems we were trying to solve

In the Online Revenue Team we were always looking for opportunities to increase the number of updates from the Hootsuite Free account to Pro (paid version).

The proposed solution

The design team at Hootsuite was asked to come up with different versions of our home page as an exercise to capture the best ideas to be tested.


I Discovery Phase

Since the target audience of Hootsuite’s website was very broad, it was a challenge to resonate with a specific group of users. This challenge was the starting point of the redesign solution. After aligning with the stakeholders, we identified the main goals and I made sure to consider them in the user journey diagram.

An important item to me is always to support business goals and at the same time to help users with their goals. It should be a win-win situation.

screenshot of user journey
User journey

II Planning Phase: UX

We then came up with the concept  “choose your own adventure”, a user flow in which Free, Pro and Enterprise users would be taken to different paths depending on the options they chose.

I started sketching this option on paper then I moved on to wireframes in the computer screen to investigate how it would work and identify flaws. I added some basic level of interactivity at early stages in order to see how the design solution would feel when users interact with it.

screenshot of wireframe

My team and I discussed the ideas and iterated on them.

III Delivery Phase: UI and engineer implementation

After some iterations I added more polish to the prototype, working on user interface visuals and more complex interactions. By the time I was working on this step the team and I decided to merge another design into mine. I made adjustments to make sure the “choose your own adventure” section was visually unified with the already defined sections of the other design.

screenshot of the homepage proposal
Homepage proposal


Stakeholders liked the idea because it was a new approach for a home page that had to catch all types of users. Unfortunately this iteration didn’t get tested but it was a great exercise on a different approach we could take and inspired future iterations of the page.