main image Connekti

Break the ice between neighbours in no time through favours.

Connekti is an elegant system that makes community engagement very easy. Each favour a person does for their neighbour is converted into points that can be used either to get favours back or to buy coupons that give discounts in local stores.


As my graduation project I decided to develop a service that would connect neighbours. I was responsible for all parts of the project: concept, UX research, information architecture, design and development using Phonegap and JQuery Mobile. It was a great experience because I had the opportunity to code a functioning prototype from scratch, which taught me a lot.


I have achieved the results that I expected and I was very satisfied with the final result, together with my mentor and instructors. In approximately 3 months the project came from concept to a functioning prototype.

Collegefeed | mobile introductions

main image Collegefeed e-mail

Creating an unique and engaging experience.


The idea was to build a mobile experience that would introduce a potential employer contact to a new grad student. Color coding, clear and modern layout were an important part of the user experience.


It was a challenging project and the team was satisfied with the mockups

Collegefeed | CMU Digital Career Fair

main image Collegefeed Digital Career Fair

An innovative career fair, with the brightest students!


The CMU's Digital Career Fair is an online event created to put employers in touch with the talented students from Carnegie Mellon University.

My role in this project was to create and develop a website that was informative to the employers, introducing them to the concept of Digital Career Fair and all its benefits, encouraging them to sign up for the event.


The project was successful and brought good results. We had more sign ups than expected and other schools were also interested in doing similar events. If you want to check the live website, please click here

image collegefeed cmu


I received the wireframe from the team with the main information we had to include in the website. When I developed the layout, I kept in mind the order I would like the user to read the website. The main goal was not only to inform the employers about the event but also to encourage them to register.

The numbers inside the yellow circles show the order I planned for the user to see the elements. The size of each circle shows how long I would like the users to spend in each section. My team and I had in mind 2 user cases:
a. The user that quickly scans through the numbers 2, 3 and 5, signing up from there.
b. The user that reads the whole website, hitting the button "sign up" at the bottom.

The most challenging part was to make the "How it works" section easy, fast and interesting to read. For this reason I chose to include icons and numbers (1,2 and 3, which guides the user in a step-by-step process). By containing all the steps in a grey background box I could visually group them as a unit, pointing this section to the sign up button, the final action required after the user learns about the event.

Social Art Gallery

main image Social Arte Gallery

A new way to see and approach art.


In term 4 at VFS we had to develop a brand for an art gallery with conceptual freedom. The concept I developed was an art gallery that would allow a proximity between artists and audience in the social media space. Next to each artwork a QR code would be placed and when the audience scans the QR code with their mobile device it takes them to a website, where they can ask questions to the artist.


The project’s results were successful and this work lead me to give a talk at VFS to all 3 Digital Design classes about my creative process in this project.

  • image Social Art Gallery
  • image Social Art Gallery
  • image Social Art Gallery

Collegefeed | Companies page

main image Collegefeed companies page

The art of making a page more interesting and engaging.


The previous version of this page was heavily focused on logos and text. There was an important element missing: how to show a company's culture?

The solution was to include pictures of the companies displaying a bit of the company’s culture, which is an important attribute for younger generations that are entering the workforce: they are looking for companies that fit their values.


At the end, the project was successfully developed and implemented in the product.

Building Results

main image Neil Squire

Myths or facts?

Building Results was a campaign created to raise awareness about hiring people with disabilities. It dispels many myths associated with the theme.


In term 3 at VFS my team and I had to create a campaign for the Neil Squire Society. We had only 2 months to create the whole campaign, which was a combination of a motion piece and a responsive website. The challenge was to translate the idea of “myths vs facts” in a visual language. I achieved this by using 2 layers of information: the user would be presented with a myth and as they scrolled down the page the fact would be dynamically revealed.


The project was very well received by the client, who was really surprised by the quality of work we could deliver in such small amount of time. If you want to check the live website, please click here

  • image Neil Squire Society
  • image Neil Squire Society

Collegefeed - employers page

Collegefeed employers page

The challenge of making an editable page.


We had to create a page that could be editable for one type of Collegefeed’s partners: small and medium businesses. Our job was to make sure the page was customizable and still look good. We also had to create a distinction between sections (what is video, what is picture and so on) so the audience could quickly find the information they are looking for.

Besides that, we had to make sure the page was easy enough to edit for people that are not tech-savvy. The experience of editing the page had to be intuitive and with justa fez steps.


The team was satisfied with the presented versions and with the user experience.

picture Taís

areas of expertise

  • - interactive design
  • - front-end development
  • - branding
  • - visual design
  • - print design

knowledge of

  • - motion design
  • - 3D

About me

I am an experienced designer with passion for interactive development based on Vancouver, BC. Considering the user’s needs, I bring ideas to life.

I've been working as visual designer for more than 7 years, all of them in the advertising industry. Four years ago I fell in love with coding and taught myself HTML and CSS. After this my interest grew, driving me to study Interactive Design.

I decided to study at Vancouver Film School and I've pushed my boundaries to get the most out of my time there. I learned about UX Design, Information Architecture and coding, especially JavaScript. I really enjoy learning and I have a strong interest in improving the coding skills I already have. Together with my strong visual design skills, my interest in front-end development makes it possible for me to create interactive projects from concept to final product. One example is my graduation project, Connekti, which was a functoning prototype of an app.

When I am not working I enjoy reading comic books (I love Sandman, by Neil Gaiman), drawing, practicing guitar and playing videogames.